Wi-Fi (Wireless) Modem Password Hacking

This article was very secure modems(!) describes how code can be broken in a short period of. The article is written for educational purposes only.

Introduction to password break


Linux-supported wireless card or wireless Adapter: we use the Chipset of the card is “Ralink, Atheros like“ need to be supported in Linux. The software we use does not support other chipsets.

Kali Linux, Back Track: Speedtest download as ISO that are used to these operating systems and we're going to use. You can download addresses: Kali Linux, Back Track.

So right now we have the tools necessary, let's go.

Preparation of environment

First we should begin with the ISO file we downloaded we the computer. Writing to the flash memory you can boot from DVD or ISO for this Yu want to save it as an operating system such as VMware virtual operating systems on your computer that you can run if you want to install applications. As a result, yu boot ISO with a tool.

After this process, we are launching the ISO file and boot the operating system. The user name in the Username Password fields in the US at the opening: ”root”, Password: ”toor” we expect to open the desktop by typing

After the desktop is opened we are no longer ready to break the password.

Identify the target modem and the modem password Break

  1. We have to do first after you open the desktop, open terminal. For this click on the terminal icon on the side of the menu.

  2. Open terminal.
  3. Opens the terminal to the computer after the connection of the wireless adapter and the connection that we attach the name of the interface to check. Terminal command: “airmon-ng

  4. We're checking the connection and the connection of the wireless adapter interface name.
  5. Wireless adapter is recognized by our system. The information we need is the name of the wireless adapter interface: “wlan0”. In order to scan the nearby wireless modems, u interface with the name monitor mode, we need to get active. To activate the monitor mode command in the terminal: “airmon-ng start wlan0

  6. Activate monitor mode.
  7. After the monitor mode has been activated, for this scenario we have created gives us the system monitor interface the monitor interface name: “mon0” has been appointed. I open WPS mon0 interface which is active in the area and with the modem for the terminal command: “wash –i mon0 -C

  8. I search for WPS modems that are open and active.
  9. When analyzing the results of the search, “WPS Locked” data “No” modems modems are convenient for us. RSSI is negative, which implies that the distance of the modem from us. With us so close to the modem value. Who meet these requirements “D-Link” Brand of the modem we can target. After you have determined the goal, ESSID and channel information for later use we copy.

  10. I open WPS modems find.
  11. After you have determined the target sequence to the modem came in to attack. Many the process of attacking you can do it with script, but we “reaver” we are using. I run this script from a terminal window on Kali Linux which is built different, we're opening up. That we need to write to the terminal the terminal command to start the attack: “reaver –i mon0 –b [ESSID] –c [channel] –vv –p [PIN]”. Here we write the address of the modem ESSID instead of the former. We write the channel instead of the broadcast channel modem. The value of a PIN “WPS Pin Generator”. The default pin that we don't know the value of -20 for 8 hours while we have to wait a modem, thanks to this tool, we have access to the password of the modem in a single attempt. The command that is written to the terminal: “reaver –i mon0 –b 00:26:5A:F2:57:26–C 6 –vv –p 58820223“.

  12. Vulnerabilities with Reaver wifi modem to find.
  13. So we wait for actions

  14. We'll start processing.
  15. If you place 1-2 minutes after the results emerge. The value of the destination appears in the terminal modem WPA PSK is the password. Congratulations, you managed to crack the password of the modem destination.

  16. Analyze results.