Modem with Wi-Fi (Wireless) Is How To Change A Password?

This article does a modem Wi-Fi (Wireless) explains how to change the password.

First step: Modem access to the administration panel

There are multiple methods to access the modem's admin panel. You can get it with an installation CD. But we will describe our method directly via your browser you should make any necessary adjustments to the main panel. A local address of you can access the interface from your browser with a standard modem. But this address may vary according to the Brand of the modem. The URL required to access the management interface of the modem is widely used in the following table, you can find the username and password.

Brand Default Gateway User Name Password
Actiontec admin (space)
Actiontec Verizon admin (space)
Airties admin ttnet
Airties RT206v2 (TTNET) admin ttnet
Airties RT210 (TTNET) (space) (space)
Airties RT210 (TTNET) admin ttnet
Allied Telesyn manager friend
Apache root / setup root
Artes admin adslroot
Asus Admin Admin
Aztech admin admin
Aztech admin admin
Bec admin admin
Billion admin admin
Billion Bipac admin password
Bross admin 1234
C-Com Required Required
Cnet admin epicrouter
Corecess 3112 usb admin corecess3112
Corecess 3113 eth admin corecess3113
Creative admin admin
Dibeg 108 dare (space)
D-Link admin admin
Datron ETHERNET admin admin
Datron USB admin admin
Dost GVC admin dostdost
DryTek admin (space))
Dynalink admin admin
Edimax admin 1234
E-Con admin admin
Eicon Diva (space) (space)
Everest SG-1400 admin admin
Fishnet AR-1101 (DOPING) admin 1234
Flynet admin admin
Geek admin epicrouter
Geek admin geekadsl
Gezz admin epicrouter
Hayes admin hayesadsl
Home Station DC 213 admin admin
Home Station DC 214 admin password
Hicomm admin epicrouter
Huawei admin ttnet
Inca admin epicrouter
Inca admin epicrouter
Karel admin adslroot
Ladox admin ladox
Loopcom admin epicrouter
Link SYS admin admin
Mercury ADSL admin conexant
NetMaster admin password
NetMaster admin password
Quake admin epicrouter
Onixon root root
Origo Wireless admin kont2004
Origo admin admin
Paradigm admin epicrouter
Pikatel DSL DSL
Pikatel ComboMax admin password
Philips SNA6500 Required admin
Philips SNC6500 Required admin
Pti 840 admin epicrouter
Pronets admin conexant
Siemens Identify Yourself Identify Yourself
SMC Required smcadmin
Sonicwall admin password
Speedstream admin Identify Yourself
Speedcom admin conexant
SpeedTouch 330 Identify Yourself Identify Yourself
SpeedTouch Identify Yourself Identify Yourself
Thomson Identify Yourself Identify Yourself
Tecom root root
Tp-Link admin ttnet
US Robotics admin admin
Zoom X Serisi modem admin zoomadsl
ZTE XDSL admin ttnet
ZyXEL admin 1234

Second step: change password

After reaching the modem's management interface, the modem Wi-Fi(Wireless) to change the password what to do are listed below.

  1. Introduction to the panel: you need to do in order to get to the modem's Management Interface; a modem which can be accessed with the “default gateway” and find the address you must enter this address in your browser. There are 2 ways to find the default gateway. The first one is the “first step” in the context we give from the table, depending on the Brand of your modem you will find. The second method is a Windows command prompt application. The command prompt(CMD) after you open the application on the screen, then “ipconfig” and pressing Enter you can find out by typing the modem's default gateway address.

  2. Find the default gateway with CMD Windows.

After learning the default gateway address for the modem management interface of the modem go to this address and we need to get into the browser.

Modem management panel find.

  1. Filling in the login information: the modem's default gateway address from your browser after you log our modem Management Interface requires a user name and password. By default this information is the “first step” in the content of the tables are specified. If you don't change this information If with this information you can login to the panel. You will need this information if you have changed the modem password to remember. If you do not remember, you will need to reboot the modem. Hit reset after the user name and password to their default values will be returned. Or “Wi-Fi Password Hacking” the password of your modem from the article, you can learn how to hack.

  2. Administration panel login information. fill
  3. Introduction to the Network tab: after logging in to the modem administration panel, the “Network” tab input is required. Although they vary usually among the first options on the menu in the interface. After you find the Network tab, click on this link, we can do the settings.

  4. Locate the Network tab and make the entry of the modem.
  5. Wi-Fi password changing Area: will appear on the screen after logging in to the Network tab the “Security” tab you need to find. We found this area on the screen when “WPA pre-shared” password currently used in the field are shown as hidden. Delete the old password and the new password in this field, we are writing in this field.

  6. Wifi Wireless Modem changing the Password field.
  7. Wi-Fi encryption types: Wi-Fi Wireless Connection supports the connection type for modems usually uses more than one species. These types WEP, WPA, WPA2, based vary. Unsecured, WEP 256 bit encryption instead of WPA2 should be preferred.

  8. Wireless encryption types.
  9. To Save: after making our Security settings, we have completed all our operations. Now we save the changes made to the “Save Changes” button. After the operation, you can throw the rest of the modem.

  10. Save the new wireless password.