How To Learn MAC Address?

MAC address with the MAC address of a device are described in this article you can learn how to.

MAC Address Of The Windows Laptop And The Desktop Computer How To Learn?

When connecting to the Internet there are several tools that allows our computer to be in communication with the modem. Ethernet card or WiFi card we call we these vehicles. All these cards add a number of packages to send to the internet. While this number is a number that has our device in our factory. After you have defined the MAC address, briefly, how we can reach the MAC address on a Windows laptop or desktop computer to let me explain. For this please follow the following steps.

  1. “My Network Places” open: search our computer into the field “network connections”, we write. And we're opening the result in. A window list of network cards that is connected to the computer. The window that opens should look like this:

  2. Computer on “My Network Places” open
  3. Our Ethernet card or WiFi card Display: after I open network connections on the screen in front of us, the devices we use to access the Internet will be released. Which device/MAC address of the card if we want to learn, that we're doing right-click this icon.

  4. The Ethernet card or WiFi card on the computer, our display
  5. Review of the detailed status: from the menu that opens after right-clicking the “Status” tab. On the opening screen, “Support ->Details” tab we follow.

  6. A detailed case study on the computer
  7. Find the MAC address: now we've reached the end. Claws opens the details in the window that opens after “physical address” is the MAC address, which is defined as our value. You found the address “Wi-Fi & Ethernet Brand Lookup” with questioning, you can obtain more detailed information.

  8. Find the MAC address on the computer

Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro And MacBook Air How To Learn MAC Address.

That uses the Macintosh operating system on a laptop, access to the internet in order to provide Wi-Fi card or Ethernet card. In the MAC address is an address that is used in these two cards. Wi-Fi card or Ethernet card MAC address, please follow the following steps in order to learn.

  1. Open the Apple menu: come to main screen, open an application. Of the screen the upper-left corner and click the Apple icon in the “System Preferences” and select the field.

  2. Macintosh in the Apple menu open
  3. Internet & Wireless from the tab “network” click on the icon: System Preferences after the window opens, go to “network” to open the applet.

  4. Macintosh Internet & wireless tab from the “network” icon
  5. Select the network card: after the application opens your network in this area, that are installed on your device all WiFi & Ethernet cards you can see. Depending on both the version of your device. In some versions does not have an Ethernet card. You want to learn the MAC address at the bottom right of the device window, and then click on “Advanced” click on the button.

  6. Macintosh select the network card
  7. Hardware tab: a computer with Macintosh operating system Wi-Fi/ethernet finding the MAC address on the topic of the last stage we have come. The Advanced button in the window that opens when you click on the “Hardware” tab by using the MAC address of your device you can find out. You found the address “Wi-Fi & Ethernet Brand Lookup” with questioning, you can obtain more detailed information.

  8. Macintosh Hardware tab

Android Devices, Learn How To The MAC Address Of The Tablet?

The Android devices to connect to the Internet Wi-Fi card is used. As a result of our search, we have reached the MAC address Wi-Fi, the floor will belong to. Android devices, tablets, please follow the following steps in order to learn the MAC address.

  1. Come to main screen: your MAC address before you call, to return to the Home screen of your Android device.

  2. Settings, locate: came to the main screen of the device after the Device “Settings” and enter it locate the application.

  3. General tab: once the app is open Settings, General settings that contains General” tab, click on.

  4. Click on the About menu: General settings after you open the screen, then “about device” menu, locate the General Settings and this field contains information about the phone.

  5. About Android click on the menu
  6. “Hardware info” Click: about device menu on the screen when the phone is opened, the name information contains critical information such as Network Connections. To find the MAC address, the “hardware information” menu we're going to.

  7. Android “hardware info” and click
  8. Locate your MAC address: drop-down to “about device” page on the MAC address Wi-Fi MAC Address” field is writing. The MAC address of the device that uses the Internet to a virtual signature. The device you need to follow these steps for a device with Android operating system brand degissede. You found the address “Wi-Fi & Ethernet Brand Looup” with questioning, you can obtain more detailed information.

  9. Locate your MAC address in Android

IOS Devices (IPhone, IPad) To The MAC Address Learn How Does?

In this article, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, Iphone 6S such as how to find the MAC address of iOS devices will be explained. The virtual MAC address of the device signature in the internet environment. On iOS devices the MAC address, Wi-Fi is solid. Therefore, we find that MAC address of the device Wi-Fi MAC address of the card. Also without Wi-Fi when you connect to the internet via your operator that is used in this article, you can find the MAC address by following the stages.

  1. Return to the main screen: in order to begin the process of finding the MAC address on iOS devices first to return to the main screen of the device.

  2. Settings: to open the Settings Application on the MAC address for the device to arrive.

  3. IOS settings
  4. Select the General tab: popup settings from the app screen, no that appears without scrolling in the “General” tab.

  5. IOS tab, select the general
  6. “About” or click here: at the top of the page from within the General Settings “About” locate and click on the button.

  7. IOS “about” or click here
  8. Read the MAC address: we have found about our MAC address after the page opens. Our MAC address, “Wi-Fi Address” field writes. Address is the MAC address of our wireless card found according to the connection state. You found the address “Wi-Fi & Ethernet Brand Lookup” with questioning, you can obtain more detailed information.

  9. The reading of the MAC address IOS